If you are looking for a kid friendly dentist in Daylesford, then Springs Family Dental should be your destination. We are one of the best multispecialty dental clinics in Castlemaine to offer kid dentistry in a very comfortable and kid friendly environment.

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One of the toughest job is to convince your kid for a dental check-up. But once you bring him/her to our clinic you can be assured that your kid will not complain anymore. Our dental surgeons and all the staff members are very friendly with kids.

We have noticed in the past years that the child who was reluctant on the 1st day to even tell us the problem, the same kid comes to us just for regular check-ups. Once they become comfortable with us, they let us do all the treatment without any problem. This behaviour of our staff with the kids has earned us a good name in the dental fraternity over the last few years.

In general kids are more prone to dental problems than adults because of their food habits and their reluctance to brush twice daily. Kids prefer chocolates and all kinds of canned food which are a very good culture media for the oral commensals. It is suggested that you should clean your mouth after every meal and brushing twice regularly is mandatory to maintain a good oral health.
Kids fail to do the same which leads to formation of cavities due to action of the oral microflora on the food particles that has stuck on the tooth surface.

What dental treatments for kids are available in your clinic?

Our clinic is designed to meet your every dental need. We perform every treatment related to kid dentistry starting from a simple filling to extraction to pulpectomy and orthodontic treatments. Any kind of dental problems and we are there to help you out.

What is the cost for kids dental treatment at Springs Family Dental?

The cost of the treatment varies according to the required procedure. You can be assured of the best quality treatment at our clinic at a much affordable rate than any other dental clinic of the same standard.

Our patients are important to us. We have always tried to maintain our quality of treatment and the rates reasonable so that everyone can afford a dental treatment. Till now we have been running successfully. For more successful years we would want your love and support. We intend to maintain the same quality treatment always. if you have any further queries regarding any dental treatment, visit us at Springs Family Dental in Castlemaine for the best experience.

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